The photos listed are actually from the same Salzburg trip that I posted on August 25th of this year (2013).  The path to the castle winds up the hill and back down again.  The trip takes about an hour or so if you walk normally, but if you decide to stop at one of the shops or walk in the museum, it could take longer than that.

I plan on adding a few more photos to this if I go back to visit, but I think I still have some on my SD card on my phone.

FYI, there IS an entrance fee.  I forgot to pay attention to it, but I believe it’s around 10 Euros per person.  Those that live in Salzburg get in for free.  Actually, I thought I had to pay as well, but I told the lady in German that I was part of the family that just walked through ahead of me…shhhh  don’t tell!  haha.

You will notice in the photos that there are quite a few kids in them.  They are children from 3 other families that went with us on the walk.  I think subconciously, the Austrians promote a healthy lifestyle.  These friends of mine ALWAYS go for extended walks and that is quite a good thing IMO.  I spent my childhood watching TV and eating McD’s burgers.  AcK!

I am a bit behind in my posts as there are at least another 4 or 5 more I need to write JUST to keep relatively updated and this is not even counting all the older records I have of past trips.  In the next few weeks I will attempt to at least get caught up with my recent travels before I delve into writing about the older trips taken.

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