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I’ve been to Boston a few times in the past, but this is the first time I came over as an adult.  Normally, I would come visit family in Needham, but this time, it was for business, so why not try to make this an experience that I can actually remember!

This time around, I spent some time in the Sheraton Boston which was, at the time, overrun with colleagues and people that I have seen in one of the many conferences in my industry.  You meet some interesting people from my different specialties and a great place to network.  From what I can remember, the hotel is close to a lot of places that are tourist attractions and of course, places to eat Lobster.  

Just outside the hotel and to the right, you’ll find this nice bar on the corner about a 2 min walk to the right on the opposite side of the road.  Unfortunately, I have no idea if it’s still there and I thought I took photos of the place, but I guess I didn’t.  I will include the rest of my photos in the gallery.   They make a really tasty lobster dish, so if you’re not allergic to seafood, this is the place to go. 

The wonderful world of Google has allowed me to show you the place I am talking about:  http://bukowskitavern.net/

If you have a chance, check it out. 

Just a little further down the road if Fenway park (10 min tops), so if you’re in the city and nearby, I would suggest picking up some tickets from stubhub or ticketmaster, grab a frank and enjoy the game.  

Now that I think of it, there’s quite a bit within walking distance and Boston is a walking town where everything just looks nice.  It’s definitely not a dirty city and had a stroll down to the Museum of Fine Arts to get my art on and enjoyed some of what Boston brings to its people.  

There’s a bit of a mix here.  Some items in the museum are obviously not Boston or American and some are, so you’ll get to see a mix of everything which is always nice.  There’s a nice cafeteria in there as well should you want to have a sit and eat some food or have a coffee.  

Museum Info: 


Avenue of the Arts 
465 Huntington Avenue 
Boston, Massachusetts 02115



I really didn’t have a whole lot of time in Boston so I pretty much ran around when I wasn’t on a call, in a meeting or replying to emails.  I’m a big hockey fan and didn’t get a chance to go to the Gardens (Boston Gardens), however I did walk by it on my way to Cheers!

TD Garden
100 Legends Way
Boston, MA 02114
p: 617-624-1050
Customer Service
Phone: 617-624-1331

FYI, the Gardens is not really far from Cheers and it’s a must see if you end up in this lovely city.  Always keep in mind that Cheers is almost ALWAYS full, so call for a reservation or go really really early so you can get a table and actually enjoy yourself.  It’s a loud place with lots if people talking and not much of a sit back and relax style like it is on TV.

I just realized there is more than one location, but the one I went to was in the heart of the city:


Faneuil Hall Location

Quincy Market, South

Boston, MA 02109

P: (617) 227-0150

F: (617) 227-8416


I’m writing this blog post years and years too late and am catching up now, so sometimes, my posts will just be stuff I can drum up from memory and sometimes doesn’t flow as it should.  It probably closely resembles a brain dump if anything.  I am pretty sure I did a hotel review as well, but I can’t find the video.  When I do, I’ll just make a separate post.

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Hong Kong 2014 Part deux http://whereigoyougo.com/hong-kong-2014-part-deux/ http://whereigoyougo.com/hong-kong-2014-part-deux/#respond Fri, 20 Nov 2015 12:23:12 +0000 http://wordpress-88334-585299.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=481 An earlier blog I wrote about my New Years experience visiting such a bustling metropolis.  Hong Kong is unlike most cities western people would have ever experienced.  The last time I was here, it was around 1979 and I was only about 4 years of age.  Since then, I had never gone back….until 2014.

There’s more to see than expat bars of course.  I’ve added photos of places I’ve been, such as the views from the China Club and a rooftop restaurant/club called Sevva.  There were definitely no skyscrapers when I was last here and the city has changed so much.  It’s changed even more within the past 15-20 years!

My camera is nothing special and was fooling around with the filters.  I am no photographer by any stretch of the imagination, so no guarantee on the image quality!

Usually, I would review a hotel, but this time, I want to review the city with images attached.  I actually stayed in 2 hotels and a friends apartment at this time and will review the hotels in separate blogs.

What to do?  There are so many things to do in HK, even outside of the tourist stuff which can be museums, The Peak, casinos, landmarks and so on.  Personally for me, I’m a foodie and the wondrous variety of food available and at such a cheap cost..it’s like food heaven.  The one thing you will notice when you get to HK is how cheap the food is, plus the variety of food available; it’s amazing.  I am half Chinese and I hadn’t even see half the food on most menus.  Some, I didn’t know ANY.  There’s more to come regarding food in later posts, but for now, I’d like to show you a bit around the city and what you could expect to see if you visited this city.

Things you should know:

1. You do NOT have to worry about food.  You can find just about ANYTHING 24-7 (food-wise) in any part of Hong Kong, except maybe (big maybe) in the burbs north of the main part of the city like Tai Po.  I never spent a lot of time out there, so I could be wrong.

2.  There’s pretty much a shopping mall or something right around the corner if you walk.  The food is cheap..heck, even the expensive food is cheap (relatively).  The ONE thing you may notice and not realize is that after eating a large meal, you might feel hungry again after only 3-4 hours.  This is because the food on this side of the world is lighter.  It doesn’t sit around in your system like a burger or pizza.  You literally eat all day and never really get full.

3. Ok, it’s nice to walk, but take the transport as it’s REALLY cheap.  Buy an Octopus card (like an Oystercard in London) where you top it up and go around the city quickly.  I think it’s like 20 cents per trip.  You can also buy things with this card.  I know many cities have tried to implement similar type technology.

4.  Don’t be scared of Taxi’s.  They are cheap and the drivers know where they’re going too!

That’s it for now.  I’ll keep more up to date with my blogging.


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Efes Turkish Cuisine London Review http://whereigoyougo.com/efes-turkish-cuisine-london-review/ http://whereigoyougo.com/efes-turkish-cuisine-london-review/#respond Mon, 20 Oct 2014 13:21:44 +0000 http://wordpress-88334-585299.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=443 This time, my travels took me back to London for work.  The problem was that all the hotels were booked, so I had to go a little further out of the area than I had wanted to.

It’s really not that much further and when I think about it, the new hotel I found is actually a bit more convenient because I’m pretty much 2-3 minutes away from both the Overground and the DLR (Shadwell).  It’s the Holiday Inn on Commercial Road.  In a few days, I’ll be putting up a hotel room vid review, so back to this post before I lose my train of thought.

Located at the other end of Commercial Road, you’ll find a nice hideaway place to eat called Efes.  When I say “other side”, I mean opposite that of trendy Shoreditch High Street where them Hipsters hang out.  The lifestyle that just keeps on spending and no one makes any money 8-).  I’ll get to that in a future post. haha

When you get to this area, it really does have a lot to be desired.  There is the token McDonalds, Subway and a couple pastry shops, convenience stores and some pretty ghetto stores down the small strip leading to the DLR/Overground.  It’s quite ethnic, but haven’t tried the food yet.  You never know.  Sometimes the worst looking places serve the best damn food!  In saying that, Efes is NOT ghetto, NOT poor quality and to be VERY honest…..probably the best Turkish specialty restaurants I have ever been in.  It’s bright, clean, attractive and friendly service.

Less than a block away from the hotel, you can see the lights bright with glow that sticks out beyond any and all other establishments in the area.  Ok, so what?  Looks are one thing….how’s the food, right?  Well, I had to try it.  Upon entering, I was greeted by a hostess who was really friendly.  I wanted to order take away.  In Europe, they call it Take Away and in North America, it’s called Take Out…for those that might be a little confused.

I’ve taken a photo of the menu and  of the outside and a little of the inside.  I was trying to be courteous not to take photos that include faces of patrons.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a good idea.  The place is kept well and the people are friendly.  It is a little loud though.  Great place for families or just grabbing a bite and taking it away to watch TV at home or just an easy way to feed your family as the prices aren’t that outrageous.





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Hamachi Steakhouse Halifax, Ns Review Sept 2013 http://whereigoyougo.com/hamachi-steakhouse-halifax-ns-review-sept-2013/ http://whereigoyougo.com/hamachi-steakhouse-halifax-ns-review-sept-2013/#respond Sun, 31 Aug 2014 13:24:43 +0000 http://wordpress-88334-585299.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=432 In Sept 2013 I made the trip to Halifax (my Alma Mater), to see old friends.  They took me out to this great place by the water called the Hamachi Steakhouse.  I heard about it before, but had never gone.  Since I moved to Europe, my trips have been rather sparse to the east coast.

The interior was ok; it looked a little worn, but still had a brightness to it.  There was a bar, tables, and these wonderful areas where you sit down with your group of friends to enjoy watching your food be cooked.  Our guy, I was told was the son of the owner and trained to cook as this was a family business.  I wasn’t really too interested in the restaurant as I was in trying out the food.  I’m such a foodie!

It was quite exciting to see this method of preparing food and the real good part, I totally forgot to take video, so the video in this post was just standard chopping and frying.

The food was very good and would eat there again.  I am going to try to attach photos as well so everyone can see!

The lobster was great, but then again, I always like lobster.  The secret, is the size.  Large lobsters do not taste as good as the smaller ones.  I say anything 5 pounds or less is good.  After that, the taste tends to drop off.

Anyway, just a short review.  Now I’m hungry again and would love to go back if I could.  Leave a comment if you have your own opinion of the establishment.

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Phi Kappa Pi Fraternity House Renovation 2013 http://whereigoyougo.com/phi-kappa-phi-fraternity-house-renovation-2013/ http://whereigoyougo.com/phi-kappa-phi-fraternity-house-renovation-2013/#respond Tue, 15 Jul 2014 08:27:37 +0000 http://wordpress-88334-585299.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=428 It’s June 2014 right now, so to give you the low down on how it all began….It started with a lot of moving around of internal house stuff.  Taking old stuff our, throwing other things away and planning to replace pretty much all the cabling inside and adding new features….more up to date features like new houses today have.

Ideally, I would love central AC, but you can’t have everything.  This post is a rather quick one and adding a couple videos with some narration in them.  We were just messing around the back with a new toy we got.  Over the period of a few days, we were able to clear what needed to be cleared and move that shed around as it’s just taking up space that we need at the moment.

I think the rest speaks for itself and us boys always like to have fun.

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Chateau De Pizay, Bojolais France – Review http://whereigoyougo.com/chateau-di-pizay-bojolais-france-review/ http://whereigoyougo.com/chateau-di-pizay-bojolais-france-review/#respond Mon, 07 Jul 2014 13:07:07 +0000 http://wordpress-88334-585299.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=402 If you’re not into French Culture or the language, you’re missing out because deep within France’s wine country, you’ll come across an absolutely beautiful spectacle.  Just outside of Belville (there’s a lot of Bellville’s in France), north of Lyon (35 min approx), you will come across a quaint romantic hideaway, that upon first glance, was something out of Narnia or an old tale from yesteryear.

As you drive up to the location, your heart begins to pound with anticipation.  The row of trees that line up the long driveway as you drive towards the castle and when you reach the end, all you see is wide open space and a very beautiful structure, with a castle, plus, the most lush and romantic gardens I’ve ever seen.  Behind the structures, you will find more relaxing amenities like an outdoor pool, vineyards as far as the eye can see, and even a luxurious spa to fall asleep when you book a relaxing massage.

Rooms – As I’ve already stated, I do not have photos of the rooms.  Well, I think I might be able to find some somewhere and when I do, I will post them or if there is someone else that has been here before and you have photos, please send them to me or post them, though, I am not sure if this blog thingy would allow for a user to do that on their own.  Gonna have to look into that.

Anyway, the rooms are scattered throughout the property and it’s not a long walk to any of the locations.  It’s all within a comfortable 2-3 min distance from each other.

The first building of residence is the building immediately to your right as you enter the campus which is comprised of 2 floors with NO elevators.  I think there’s about 15-20 rooms; some having a sliding door exposing a great quaint area for you to sunbath and or meander.

Rooms located in the main building (where the reception is…I have to say that I haven’t seen those rooms and would love additional detail on what they look like and what they have to offer.

Lastly are the rooms on the far right of the property that seems to have the best location as far as amenities goes.  It’s very close to the dining, spa, pool areas plus all of these rooms seem to have sliding doors and are all ground level.  When I say sliding doors, I mean doors leading out the back of the room leading onto a patio of sorts with chairs and the whole 9 yards.  Some rooms even have 2 floors (open concept).

The reason I’m at this place is not for me, but for my sister as her reception was there after she was married in a quaint little church about 25 in down the road.  I may add that as a separate post.  Attached are some photos of the event, but what to look for is the scenery and background, so if you do decide to visit this location, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really bother with taking photos of the different rooms, but I can tell you that out of all my travels, I haven’t been to a more secluded, beautiful, serene location that offers so much variety of things to do and rooms to stay in.  The only problem I found was that they are very particular of when you can get something to eat.  Again, that’s just French culture.  If you are starving, the best is to find directions to a location they call Carrefour.  It has a Petrol station and a big supermarket to make your purchases.  I think every room within the Chateau has a fridge.  I honestly did not see a room without one.

I’ve added photos of the wedding for your enjoyment and if you have questions, just leave a comment and I’ll get right back to you.


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New Years Party 2013/2014 – Hong Kong http://whereigoyougo.com/new-years-party-20132014-hong-kong/ http://whereigoyougo.com/new-years-party-20132014-hong-kong/#respond Sun, 06 Apr 2014 12:07:58 +0000 http://wordpress-88334-585299.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=338  

For those that know me, I celebrate New Years in a different country every year.  it used to be city, but there are way too many in the world.  If I do it by country, I’ll get a lot more ground covered.  hey, you only live once; might as well experience as much as you can while you can still enjoy it.

Hong Kong is crazy during New years and I don’t mean Chinese  New Years, but the one most of the western world is practicing.  This time, it was with family, which is a new one for me as we live in different parts of the world.  It’s actually rare that my sister and I are in the same place at the same time.

Considering that the last time I was in Hong Kong, it was something like 1978 which for a lot of the readers here, it was before they were born.  I was only small at the time and HK has changed A LOT in the past 5 years…forget about the last 35 or so years!

I came to HK fully prepared to do anything ad go anywhere, but what to do?  I enlisted my sister’s fiance to go out and find us a place to party.  He knows HK better than us because he’s live with his expat parents there for about 4 years.

If you’re just new to the area, sometimes it’s more difficult to find something that one would enjoy as there is no shortage of parties, however, it may or may not be your cup of tea.  Sometimes you have to go with familiarity, such as places you are accustomed to.  A Pub!

We ended up bar hopping on Lockhart road where most of the expats hang out and ended the night close to another party mecca “Pok Fu Lam”.  First stop was “Carnegie’s”, a favourite of the local expats.  It was actually between “Trafalgars” across the street or Carnegies.  I’ve been to both and both are great places to hang, especially pay close attention to the food at Trafalgars….very good grub, plus they got Shisha…although, I think NYE had way too many people to smoke like that.


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Brick Lane Restaurant Review – Sheraz http://whereigoyougo.com/brick-lane-restaurant-review/ http://whereigoyougo.com/brick-lane-restaurant-review/#respond Wed, 05 Mar 2014 16:56:56 +0000 http://wordpress-88334-585299.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=330 For those that aren’t aware, Brick Lane is a very old part of town dating back centuries, if not more.  The region/area has been re-gentrified to a point where in the 80’s, you could give away property, but now, you can’t buy it.  It’s REALLY expensive to live whether you are renting or buying.

On Brick Lane itself, part of it is allocated to Indian cuisine, however, please treat this as “tourist” level cuisine with “some” authenticity.  The people actually cooking the food are Bangladeshi which is the biggest complaint from actual Indians from India or even local born and raised English-Indians.  I can kind of understand what they mean, but the food is not bad IF you know where to go.  For a good 200 meters+, there are restaurants stacked on top of each other selling the same stuff.  This is where you might have a problem finding the right place.  During the time I was there (first time, this post), an employee would stand outside and try to woo you inside saying discount this and award that.  After a while it starts to get REAL annoying!  Every restaurant seemed to have won an award of some sort within the past 20 or so years.  Take that with a grain of salt.

After a long time of soul searching, I did find the perfect one, unfortunately it was a few years later and many MANY meals ago, that I stumbled across a former pub which used to be one of the bars that Jack the Ripper frequented called “Sheraz”.

Why was I attracted to it?  First, they do NOT have someone standing outside and hassling people, second and MOST important is that they use GOOD quality food to cook with which was a huge problem with other restaurants as they’d buy cheap quality food that was fatty/veins.  It’s just not good.  Needless to say, every time I am in town that is the ONLY one I go to.

For more information about Sheraz:


13 Brick Ln, London E1 6PU
020 7247 5755


Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


Note:  One other place I think you should check out is a Bagel shop located in the direction of Bethnel Green.  The road intersects the other end of Brick Lane and is a wonderful place to grab very healthy food at all hours of the day.  From my understanding, it’s 24/7 which saved me a couple times when arriving late at night from flying into London and nothing is open.

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First London Trip – May 2008 http://whereigoyougo.com/first-london-trip-with-restaraunt-review-may-2008/ http://whereigoyougo.com/first-london-trip-with-restaraunt-review-may-2008/#respond Wed, 05 Mar 2014 16:50:54 +0000 http://wordpress-88334-585299.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=290 It does sound weird, but up until a few years ago, I had never stepped foot in the UK.   Well, that would be a little white lie, however, I don’t count airports!   You would think that after living in Europe since late 2003, it would not take me another 5 years to get to the the great city, home of THREE olympics,  crazy high living costs and really good food.  I put the greatest emphasis on the food part.  There is just so many things to do, places to eat and the best thing of all (for a tourist), is that the Museums are free!

The main purpose of my trip was to see as much as I could as my sister was living there and I didn’t know how much longer she’d be there.  I don’t usually travel with family, so I took this opportunity, dragged my best friend along and went off to see Europe starting from London.

Where would you go if you went to London?  A couple things popped into my head like Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Bath and some museums.  There was just not a lot of time to do everything as we were on a tight schedule.  Actually, my schedule was pretty light at the time, but my friend had the normal suit type job back home (Canada), with crap vacay time off.   I honestly don’t know how I am going to get used to that if I ever move back.

Anyway, I have to say, London has a very good transit system with minor issues like lack of air con in the summer.  You’ll realise that the system is old and historically, London  and the surrounding areas were not known to get real hot periods, but as we know, global warming seems to be messing with mother nature, or so I think.  If it’s a hot day, only some of the trains have air con, especially the newer trains on the overground or the Jubilee line.  The smaller lines around central London won’t have them.

After the initial excitement of getting and standing on London soil, we began shuffling around and getting used to the culture, the people and well, the cars moving in the opposite direction.  IF you come from a left hand driving country, the secret is to look BOTH ways when doing anything.  I can’t tell you how many times I came so close to getting my foot squashed or kneecaps taken off because I started crossing too early and forgetting that the vehicles are coming from the other direction.

I can’t remember exactly when it happened, but at this point London was well on its way to gentrifying the east-end of the city in preparation for the upcoming summer Olympics 4 years later (2012).  Because of this, my sister decided to show us around the infrastructure being built.  In the process of doing so, we got to see the layout of the land and learned how to take the tube to where we needed to be.  Driving in London is nuts, especially if you don’t know where you are going.  You also get dinged for extra fees if you drive closer into the city (to reduce congestion).  That will be the future for other cities as they grow too.

I’ve uploaded a few photos that I took at that time.  This won’t include Bath and or Stonehenge, but it does include some photos of other things like friends, family and East London.  Part of it is around the O2 centre near Canary Warf and Brick Lane, the Indian food Mecca of London.

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Toronto 2013 (Aug-Sept) http://whereigoyougo.com/toronto-2013/ http://whereigoyougo.com/toronto-2013/#respond Wed, 22 Jan 2014 12:25:23 +0000 http://wordpress-88334-585299.cloudwaysapps.com/?p=273 Sorry for the long time between posts.  I have been traveling and should have updated my blog at that time, but if you now me, then you know I am a master procrastinator!

Anyway, I usually travel back home to Toronto once or so a year.  I’ve been living away from home for about 10 years now, so Toronto is always a treat to visit, especially when I get to see family and friends.

During my time there, I decided to drop by my old fraternity house to see what’s going on.  Yeah, I know, why would I want to do that.  I’e been out of university for about 15 years and any of the guys at the house now are so much younger and have nothing to do with me.  I don’t see it like that.  You’re never too old to be a part of something with such rich history.

While visiting the house, it was particularly shut down and no one living there.  Nothing was wrong with the fraternity, we were just in the middle of renovations at the time and I think they still are (5 months later).  It’s a slow job because we are trying to do it ourselves to cut costs.  Always noble 😎

The photos in the gallery are those that were taken in the back yard.  We were trying to organize the back yard without having to move so many cars.  First, the shed was moved….then it was moved again…and again.  It was actually pretty funny because we knew where it should eventually rest, but we took a round the back yard trip from top to left to right and finally at the back.  How did we move it?  We rented a forklift and started having fun with it.

I am going to make another post about this whole reno project with video.  It’s just never the same unless you include video.  In the end, we ended up moving a pickup truck around the back of the house (a couple times!).




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