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Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by!


My name is Steve and this is my personal blog of my travels.  I don’t travel all the time, but I do travel frequently, so the site won’t be inactive for large periods of time.  If you have something to add, email me steve [at]  Most of the traveling you will see me do is for work, however, I always make sure I have at least enough time to see where I am visiting and to offer my own opinions of the location as an outsider.  Even moreso, offering tips along the way.

Currently, I live in central northern Austria and have been here for the past 10 years.  Unfortunately, my German is still bad as I work strictly in the English language, so I do suffer from lack of use.  Am I just gonna leave it like that?  No, because I purchased one of those Rosetta stone packages.  Lets see how that works.  Heck, I’ll even post about that progress as well.

I’m quite interested in going to unusual and unique places and not necessarily always going to a beach resort.  Those hidden gems like places to eat or visit.  Maybe even something a little darker, such as “Dark Tourism”, as I am a hobby historian too.  I’m very familiar with WWII and Nazi Germany, plus French, Italian and British history.

Over the past 20 years, I have been doing a large amount of traveling, when comparing to my youth.  When I was younger, sure I traveled, but I don’t remember much and at that time I wasn’t aware enough to absorb all there is to see.  I’ve now taken it upon myself to document as much as I can because there is a lot to know and see.  I don’t want to forget and it would be nice to have something for my friends and family to look at and maybe even learn a tip or two.

You will notice that I may jump from year to year because I have photos and memories from previous travels, like my 2004 trip to Peru/Argentina or my US travel days.  I did a lot of road tripping in my late teens and early 20’s, so I have to dig up stuff I had from those days as well.  All in all, everything will be there, but they may not be in the order that I have traveled in, however, they will be in their appropriate categories and will state in the title the date or at least the year I visited.

Thanks all for visiting, please come back again as I anticipate to keep this updated for years to come.


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