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Remembrance Day 2013 – A short walk in Ypres, Belgium Part II

This blog software doesn’t allow me to add multiple vids, so I just attached the last one which adds onto the previous one.  I noticed something and I wanted to shoot the video to explain my findings.   Moment of silence.

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Salzburg Trip 2013

Hey Everyone, Today is Sunday August 25th and I’ve already been to Salzburg one previous time this year to visit an old friend from school way back in the day.  His name is George and he was visiting some other friends in the city, so I decided to travel and meet all these new people. …

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Steve’s Travel Blog – Welcome Post!

Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by!   My name is Steve and this is my personal blog of my travels.  I don’t travel all the time, but I do travel frequently, so the site won’t be inactive for large periods of time.  If you have something to add, email me steve [at] austrianlife.com.  Most…

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