This time, my travels took me back to London for work.  The problem was that all the hotels were booked, so I had to go a little further out of the area than I had wanted to.

It’s really not that much further and when I think about it, the new hotel I found is actually a bit more convenient because I’m pretty much 2-3 minutes away from both the Overground and the DLR (Shadwell).  It’s the Holiday Inn on Commercial Road.  In a few days, I’ll be putting up a hotel room vid review, so back to this post before I lose my train of thought.

Located at the other end of Commercial Road, you’ll find a nice hideaway place to eat called Efes.  When I say “other side”, I mean opposite that of trendy Shoreditch High Street where them Hipsters hang out.  The lifestyle that just keeps on spending and no one makes any money 8-).  I’ll get to that in a future post. haha

When you get to this area, it really does have a lot to be desired.  There is the token McDonalds, Subway and a couple pastry shops, convenience stores and some pretty ghetto stores down the small strip leading to the DLR/Overground.  It’s quite ethnic, but haven’t tried the food yet.  You never know.  Sometimes the worst looking places serve the best damn food!  In saying that, Efes is NOT ghetto, NOT poor quality and to be VERY honest…..probably the best Turkish specialty restaurants I have ever been in.  It’s bright, clean, attractive and friendly service.

Less than a block away from the hotel, you can see the lights bright with glow that sticks out beyond any and all other establishments in the area.  Ok, so what?  Looks are one thing….how’s the food, right?  Well, I had to try it.  Upon entering, I was greeted by a hostess who was really friendly.  I wanted to order take away.  In Europe, they call it Take Away and in North America, it’s called Take Out…for those that might be a little confused.

I’ve taken a photo of the menu and  of the outside and a little of the inside.  I was trying to be courteous not to take photos that include faces of patrons.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a good idea.  The place is kept well and the people are friendly.  It is a little loud though.  Great place for families or just grabbing a bite and taking it away to watch TV at home or just an easy way to feed your family as the prices aren’t that outrageous.