Normally, I won’t make such a small post, especialy about an airplane.  I like to write about my experience of the places that I visit, but on this occassion, I was quite fascinated with the plane that I was in.  It’s not too common for me to just hop into a plane, get to my destination and begin photo-bombing.

I felt that this was blog-worthy because of the coolness of the interior.  It was a little drafty, but this Boeing 777 was brand spanking new.  There were electric plugs and even USB sockets on the seat monitor where you watch the movies.  I think the USB plug is for chargin your devices and not for moving data back and forth though.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a USB cable or device to this out.

There aren’t that many photos, but I wanted to show you what I saw and what I noticed.


The wing span is WIDE on this plane and stretches for at least 8-12 rows.  You’ll see that in the photos.


That’s it for this post  I will update the Toronto trip as soon as I can in another post.  Actually, I might need to break it down to a couple posts as there are a lot of photos and places to show.