Phi Kappa Pi Fraternity House Renovation 2013

It’s June 2014 right now, so to give you the low down on how it all began….It started with a lot of moving around of internal house stuff.  Taking old stuff our, throwing other things away and planning to replace pretty much all the cabling inside and adding new features….more up to date features like new houses today have.

Ideally, I would love central AC, but you can’t have everything.  This post is a rather quick one and adding a couple videos with some narration in them.  We were just messing around the back with a new toy we got.  Over the period of a few days, we were able to clear what needed to be cleared and move that shed around as it’s just taking up space that we need at the moment.

I think the rest speaks for itself and us boys always like to have fun.

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