Brick Lane Restaurant Review – Sheraz

For those that aren’t aware, Brick Lane is a very old part of town dating back centuries, if not more.  The region/area has been re-gentrified to a point where in the 80’s, you could give away property, but now, you can’t buy it.  It’s REALLY expensive to live whether you are renting or buying.

On Brick Lane itself, part of it is allocated to Indian cuisine, however, please treat this as “tourist” level cuisine with “some” authenticity.  The people actually cooking the food are Bangladeshi which is the biggest complaint from actual Indians from India or even local born and raised English-Indians.  I can kind of understand what they mean, but the food is not bad IF you know where to go.  For a good 200 meters+, there are restaurants stacked on top of each other selling the same stuff.  This is where you might have a problem finding the right place.  During the time I was there (first time, this post), an employee would stand outside and try to woo you inside saying discount this and award that.  After a while it starts to get REAL annoying!  Every restaurant seemed to have won an award of some sort within the past 20 or so years.  Take that with a grain of salt.

After a long time of soul searching, I did find the perfect one, unfortunately it was a few years later and many MANY meals ago, that I stumbled across a former pub which used to be one of the bars that Jack the Ripper frequented called “Sheraz”.

Why was I attracted to it?  First, they do NOT have someone standing outside and hassling people, second and MOST important is that they use GOOD quality food to cook with which was a huge problem with other restaurants as they’d buy cheap quality food that was fatty/veins.  It’s just not good.  Needless to say, every time I am in town that is the ONLY one I go to.

For more information about Sheraz:

13 Brick Ln, London E1 6PU
020 7247 5755


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Note:  One other place I think you should check out is a Bagel shop located in the direction of Bethnel Green.  The road intersects the other end of Brick Lane and is a wonderful place to grab very healthy food at all hours of the day.  From my understanding, it’s 24/7 which saved me a couple times when arriving late at night from flying into London and nothing is open.

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