If you’re not into French Culture or the language, you’re missing out because deep within France’s wine country, you’ll come across an absolutely beautiful spectacle.  Just outside of Belville (there’s a lot of Bellville’s in France), north of Lyon (35 min approx), you will come across a quaint romantic hideaway, that upon first glance, was something out of Narnia or an old tale from yesteryear.

As you drive up to the location, your heart begins to pound with anticipation.  The row of trees that line up the long driveway as you drive towards the castle and when you reach the end, all you see is wide open space and a very beautiful structure, with a castle, plus, the most lush and romantic gardens I’ve ever seen.  Behind the structures, you will find more relaxing amenities like an outdoor pool, vineyards as far as the eye can see, and even a luxurious spa to fall asleep when you book a relaxing massage.

Rooms – As I’ve already stated, I do not have photos of the rooms.  Well, I think I might be able to find some somewhere and when I do, I will post them or if there is someone else that has been here before and you have photos, please send them to me or post them, though, I am not sure if this blog thingy would allow for a user to do that on their own.  Gonna have to look into that.

Anyway, the rooms are scattered throughout the property and it’s not a long walk to any of the locations.  It’s all within a comfortable 2-3 min distance from each other.

The first building of residence is the building immediately to your right as you enter the campus which is comprised of 2 floors with NO elevators.  I think there’s about 15-20 rooms; some having a sliding door exposing a great quaint area for you to sunbath and or meander.

Rooms located in the main building (where the reception is…I have to say that I haven’t seen those rooms and would love additional detail on what they look like and what they have to offer.

Lastly are the rooms on the far right of the property that seems to have the best location as far as amenities goes.  It’s very close to the dining, spa, pool areas plus all of these rooms seem to have sliding doors and are all ground level.  When I say sliding doors, I mean doors leading out the back of the room leading onto a patio of sorts with chairs and the whole 9 yards.  Some rooms even have 2 floors (open concept).

The reason I’m at this place is not for me, but for my sister as her reception was there after she was married in a quaint little church about 25 in down the road.  I may add that as a separate post.  Attached are some photos of the event, but what to look for is the scenery and background, so if you do decide to visit this location, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really bother with taking photos of the different rooms, but I can tell you that out of all my travels, I haven’t been to a more secluded, beautiful, serene location that offers so much variety of things to do and rooms to stay in.  The only problem I found was that they are very particular of when you can get something to eat.  Again, that’s just French culture.  If you are starving, the best is to find directions to a location they call Carrefour.  It has a Petrol station and a big supermarket to make your purchases.  I think every room within the Chateau has a fridge.  I honestly did not see a room without one.

I’ve added photos of the wedding for your enjoyment and if you have questions, just leave a comment and I’ll get right back to you.