Hamachi Steakhouse Halifax, Ns Review Sept 2013

In Sept 2013 I made the trip to Halifax (my Alma Mater), to see old friends.  They took me out to this great place by the water called the Hamachi Steakhouse.  I heard about it before, but had never gone.  Since I moved to Europe, my trips have been rather sparse to the east coast.

The interior was ok; it looked a little worn, but still had a brightness to it.  There was a bar, tables, and these wonderful areas where you sit down with your group of friends to enjoy watching your food be cooked.  Our guy, I was told was the son of the owner and trained to cook as this was a family business.  I wasn’t really too interested in the restaurant as I was in trying out the food.  I’m such a foodie!

It was quite exciting to see this method of preparing food and the real good part, I totally forgot to take video, so the video in this post was just standard chopping and frying.

The food was very good and would eat there again.  I am going to try to attach photos as well so everyone can see!

The lobster was great, but then again, I always like lobster.  The secret, is the size.  Large lobsters do not taste as good as the smaller ones.  I say anything 5 pounds or less is good.  After that, the taste tends to drop off.

Anyway, just a short review.  Now I’m hungry again and would love to go back if I could.  Leave a comment if you have your own opinion of the establishment.

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