Sorry for the long time between posts.  I have been traveling and should have updated my blog at that time, but if you now me, then you know I am a master procrastinator!

Anyway, I usually travel back home to Toronto once or so a year.  I’ve been living away from home for about 10 years now, so Toronto is always a treat to visit, especially when I get to see family and friends.

During my time there, I decided to drop by my old fraternity house to see what’s going on.  Yeah, I know, why would I want to do that.  I’e been out of university for about 15 years and any of the guys at the house now are so much younger and have nothing to do with me.  I don’t see it like that.  You’re never too old to be a part of something with such rich history.

While visiting the house, it was particularly shut down and no one living there.  Nothing was wrong with the fraternity, we were just in the middle of renovations at the time and I think they still are (5 months later).  It’s a slow job because we are trying to do it ourselves to cut costs.  Always noble 😎

The photos in the gallery are those that were taken in the back yard.  We were trying to organize the back yard without having to move so many cars.  First, the shed was moved….then it was moved again…and again.  It was actually pretty funny because we knew where it should eventually rest, but we took a round the back yard trip from top to left to right and finally at the back.  How did we move it?  We rented a forklift and started having fun with it.

I am going to make another post about this whole reno project with video.  It’s just never the same unless you include video.  In the end, we ended up moving a pickup truck around the back of the house (a couple times!).